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What is the listing process?

Last updated on 6/1/2021

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Submitting Your Listing for Review

To begin the process of selling with DreamCars, please submit our seller's form with as much detail as possible. The form will provide us with the proper context and information, like the year, make, model, a brief description, and a few photos of the car. We will also see what your asking price is as well as your preferred reserve price.

Communication is important and we want every seller to have a great experience. We'll do our best to offer advice on your listing and how to prepare it for a successful auction. Most of all, we'll never force you to lower your standards.

We're here and happy to help as needed and aim to answer each seller within 24 hours of their inquiry, sometimes faster.

We will need to verify ownership, so current registration or title with a picture of a drivers license or other state document is required.

We recommend professional photos, and expect disclosure of any damage, rust, or concerning areas to accurately show the condition to the buyer. Underside shots are also encouraged to achieve the highest value on the listing. A cold start video and a driving video are also highly encouraged to show the running condition of the vehicle.

Being as transparent as possible always helps sellers maximize return on their listing, so any questions or concerns about the car should be noted or added during the listing period.

Lastly, cars auctioned on DreamCars must be exclusive to DreamCars.com during the listing period, which means any other advertisements must be removed and the car cannot be sold elsewhere during the listing or auction period.

Finalizing Your Listing

Once pictures are submitted, our writing team will create the draft for you to review and edit. We will do our best to include all relevant details to create a successful auction.

Once you are happy with the look and feel of your listing, we'll schedule and go live.

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