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What is proper bidding procedure?

Last updated on 6/1/2021

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Bidding Prerequisites

Before you start, please make sure you're registered to bid and understand our fee structure. You can familiarize yourself with our help articles on our support page and by reading our terms of service.

Examine and ask questions

Each seller is carefully vetted by our team to prove ownership, display any flaws or issues, and ultimately create a thorough outline of their car for sale. That said, as a prospective buyer you should perform the following checklist to make sure the car is up to your standards.

Look closely at the detailed photos provided, including each body panel, the engine bay, interior, and underside of the car.

Ask the seller questions about the car, including their ownership history, maintenance records, and any other applicable information not provided in the listing.

Schedule an in person inspection to see the car more closely and understand the condition.

Plan logistics of the purchase

Each buyer is expected to fully complete the transaction within 7 days of auction completion. To do this, please make sure the following list if completed prior to bidding.

Arrange for financing or have the funds available to transfer to the seller. We do not recommend any specific lending agency, but there are many available for classic cars. ACH or wire transfer, along with a proper bill of sale is recommended.

Discuss and plan for shipping or pickup of the vehicle within a reasonable timeframe.

Most of all, bid to win! Don't miss out on a chance to own your dream car, as the best ones rarely come back up for sale.

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