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Buyer FAQ

Last updated on 7/22/2021

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How do I register to bid?

The first step is to create a user account by heading to our sign up page. Enter your email and a password, and you're well on your way to winning your next dream car auction.

How does bidding work?

Registered users submit their biggest and best bids while the auction is live. Once time elapses, the highest bidder will be connected with the seller.

How can I track new auctions?

Subscribe to our insider's e-mail list to remain current on listings and site updates.

How can I see the vehicles in person?

All cars listed on DreamCars may generally be inspected in person by contacting our support team, and arranging a meetup with the vehicle owner. Simply shoot us an email at support@dreamcars.com and we'll get you sorted.

What happens if the reserve is not met?

Should a vehicle auction not meet the reserve price, the auction is automatically changed to an asking price format to allow for interested parties to finalize a deal. We will keep each car up until it is sold!

Can I cancel my bid?

Currently we do not allow for bid cancellations, please make sure to look over all vehicle information before bidding.

Why does the time keep going up on the auction?

Our auction process is very unique, which means that the last 5 minutes may extend longer if there are active bids. Each bid under 5 minutes adds 30 seconds to the auction time, with a max of 5 minutes, while every bid under 2 minutes brings the auction back to 2 minutes.

Is there a buy it now price?

Currently all supported auctions cannot be ended early, and the only way to win the car is to simply outbid others.

Can I contact the seller after the auction?

We only connect the winning bidder and the seller after the auction, if you did not win and the reserve was not met, you may reach out to make an offer on the car.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is the buyers responsibility after winning the auction. We are happy to assist in this portion of the deal if needed and can recommend reputable companies.

What are the buyer fees?

We charge the winning bidder 5% of the sale price with a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $5000.

Can I bid if I'm not within the United States?

Absolutely! We allow registered bidders to bid on any cars, regardless of their location. Please be aware of shipping costs.

I have a question about the car, where can I ask the seller?

You may ask any question about the listed car in the comments section or in our questions section on the auction page. We encourage sellers to answer all questions quickly and accurately.

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