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Selling process during the auction

Last updated on 6/1/2021

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Prerequisite: Submitting Your Vehicle

To begin the process of selling with DreamCars, please submit our seller's form with as much detail as possible. The form will provide us with the proper context and information, like the year, make, model, a brief description, and a few photos of the car. We will also see what your asking price is as well as your preferred reserve price.

Engaging During the Auction

While the auction is live, bidders may have questions or comments about the vehicle to clarify their understanding of the car or its condition. We highly recommend staying engaged, and being open and transparent as seller participation leads to higher bid prices.

You can continue to edit, add more information, or answer questions during the entirety of your listing.

We also allow for the seller to flag comments they feel are not constructive which we can then review and remove to keep the comment section clean and productive.

After the Auction

Upon the bidding period closing, we'll automatically connect you with the winning buyer. At this time, you can arrange final details like payment as well as shipping or pickup details.

If your reserve is not met we will work with the top bidders to make a deal happen. Communicating openly the entire way, we'll be proactive with your approval so that you do not sell for your lowest possible price.

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